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Data Unit And Barracuda Networks, A Successful Partnership!Featured PR

Data Unit is an IT service provider that focuses on innovative network infrastructure and security solutions with improved productivity for the client as their ultimate goal.
Lummen, Limburg, Belgium (pr4links.com) 27/04/2016
Data Unit is an IT service provider that focuses on innovative network infrastructure and security solutions with improved productivity for the client as their ultimate goal. Fast, reliable and safe networks that are accessible from anywhere with any device, that's what it's all about. The solution always takes center stage. But an innovative and reliable solution only works when you have an innovative and reliable infrastructure. That's why Data Unit chose to work together with the American specialist Barracuda Networks.

Since last year, Data Unit is the only Premier Partner, which is the highest possible partnership level, of Barracuda Networks in Belgium. Now they are the only Belgian IT integrator that is recognized as ATC, or Authorized Training Center, of the Barracuda University.

Perfectly corresponding portfolios

"In 2004, Barracuda Networks was one of the very first to market an effective SPAM filter. They were real pioneers in data security. At the moment, they are an important quoted IT player with a wide range of products in the big disciplines of security and storage. Their next generation firewalls, content and website security hardware, backup and storage solutions, load balancing solutions and access control systems are innovative and reliable at the same time. Those products seamlessly integrate with the solutions Data Unit markets, like managed Wi-Fi, secure email, managed backup, distributed connections and network security. We also focus on the same target group: mid-market companies that want a durable product for a correct price. And the relationship is successful. Last year, Data Unit obtained the Premier level, the highest level within the Barracuda Networks Channel Partner Program. This level sets strict requirements when it comes to skills and assets in order to meet the needs of their larger clients. We are proud that our employees became certified and fulfill all requirements in terms of pre-sales and post-sales support for our clients. The new business targets were also easily reached. Besides, to this day, Data Unit is the only Belgian IT integrator that was able to reach this level", states Joris Meylaers, general manager at Data Unit.

EMEA Security Specialist Award

During May of last year, the cooperation was awarded the Barracuda Networks "EMEA Security Specialist Award". This award is the ultimate acknowledgement for the partner that excels in intelligent innovation and leadership that serves the common business purposes.

"This prize is awarded every year to only one of the partners of the EMEA program and it's truly an acknowledgement of our commitment and our skills. Our team of sales specialists, pre-sales experts and engineers works closely with Barracuda Networks to offer our clients the full range of security, storage and application delivery solutions and to support them throughout the entire process. Together with our clients, we continuously search for flexible, scalable but also affordable solutions for all their network and security needs. That approach works well and was rewarded with this big award. In 2014, we already received the award for "Best EMEA Managed Security Service Provider". This year, we will once again try for the highest achievable goal, the "EMEA Security Specialist Award". So, to be continued", says Joris Meylaers.

Authorized Training Center

Since the beginning of this year, Data Unit is also an Authorized Training Center (ATC) of Barracuda Networks. This automatically makes Data Unit the only IT integrator in the Benelux with this credit. All workshops, training sessions and webinars are hosted by certified training engineers for all Barracuda solutions integrated by Data Unit. The training sessions are meant for IT specialists who want to get acquainted with the Barracuda Networks products as well as for engineers who want to brush up on their knowledge. By now, five educational modules are already operational: Basic Networking and Firewalling Training, Introduction Barracuda NextGen Firewall Training, Barracuda BTN300 Training, Refresh Spam Firewall and Web Filter Training, and Refresh Training NextGen Firewall. The full agenda can be found on the Data Unit website.

Contact : Joris Meylaers

Address : Lindekensveld 5/1
Lummen, Limburg
Belgium - 3560
Email : info@dataunit.be


About Data Unit

As a member of the Cofely group, Data Unit delivers customized network and security solutions that will improve productivity, functionality, visibility and cost effective management for Benelux companies. The purpose of Data Unit is to solve customers' problems through our solutions and services. The goal is to deliver fast, reliable and secure networks that can be accessed from anywhere and with any device (wired or wireless).


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