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CEO of Internet Marketing company receives death threats over stance.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States (pr4links.com) 29/11/2016
The CEO of a local Internet marketing firm claims he has been deluged with personal death threats, as well as threats against his business, children and clients after an interview with Albuquerque news Channel 4 November 22nd.

Matt Blanchfield, who owns 1st in SEO, wrote a blog and placed it on his website where he called president-elect Trump a fascist and racist, refusing to work with people that supported the election winner and telling clients he no longer wanted their business if they supported him.

In the blog, Blanchfield asked that anyone who supports the president-elect to find another service supplier. He conceded that it would be difficult to ascertain who actually supported the billionaire businessman, but he would help to facilitate their transition.

The blog, which appeared on the homepage of the website and was signed and dated November 10, two days after the American election, detailed a series of comments and election promises Donald Trump made during his campaign that have stirred controversy among the American electorate. Blanchfield claims the threats started after a short interview he gave with the local television station.

In a related development, Blanchfield appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on The Fox News Network November 23 where he had a spirited exchange with the host on several topics including the nature of the kind of Fascist dictatorship he thinks Trump will impose on America.

At one point during their televised exchange, Carlson brought up the point that refusing to do business with someone who has beliefs you disagree with runs contrary to the platforms the left has espoused over the last eight years.

Blanchfield replied that his actions were his alone and that he was acting as an individual.

"I don't speak for the left. I don't speak for any group," he said. "I speak for myself and having the moral turpitude to stand up against the masses is what a patriot actually does."

He added that it took courage to risk his business and even his physical well-being for what he believed in.

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