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Do I Need Renters Insurance Answered By Connecticut Insurance BrokersFeatured PR

The insurance brokers at John M. Glover Insurance Agency recently released a blog titled “Do I Need Renters Insurance?” to assist renters who are unsure about their insurance needs.
Norwalk, Connecticut, United States (pr4links.com) 20/11/2019
The Connecticut insurance brokers at John M. Glover Insurance Agency, recently released a blog answering the question, "Do I Need Renters Insurance?". While renters insurance is rarely necessary, it can be a major benefit to all renters.

Renters insurance helps protect your apartment and property in the event of theft, water damage, and more. Instead of paying out of pocket to replace or repair items, your insurance policy can help you pay for them instead. Most renters insurance covers property damaged by an approved event, such as fire; pays for medical expenses and legal fees related to a guest who has an accident in your apartment, such as tripping down the stairs or being bitten by a pet; and helps pay for alternative housing if your residence becomes uninhabitable.

Renters insurance is only required if your landlord or property management company requires tenants to carry a policy. This helps them limit the risk that tenants present while they live in the building. Even if your landlord or management company does not require you to have renters insurance, you should consider buying a policy anyways. Insurance helps protect you in the event of an unexpected occurrence, helping you maintain your savings instead of spending them on costly legal or medical fees or in replacing your property. While you may not think you own much, most two-room apartments contain an average of $30,000 in personal possessions, which can be difficult to replace quickly if necessary. Coverage also applies to personal property you take with you while traveling, so even if an item is broken or stolen outside of your home, you can make a claim for help replacing it.

Contact John M. Glover Insurance Agency for more information about renters insurance and to inquire about the brokerage's renters insurance coverage. The company's experienced insurance brokers can help you find the right renters insurance policy with affordable coverage that meets your unique needs. John M. Glover can be contacted online at https://jmg.com/ or by phone at 844-304-7332. The firm is headquartered at 29 Haviland Street, South Norwalk, CT, 06854.


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