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Body Shop vs Mechanic Answered By Northern VA Custom Auto Body ShopFeatured PR

Robs Customs & Restorations, a northern Virginia custom auto body shop, recently released a blog discussing the differences between body shops and mechanics.
Manassas, Virginia, United States (pr4links.com) 23/09/2020
Robs Customs & Restorations, a Northern Virginia custom auto body shop, recently released a new educational resource that focuses on the differences between body shops and professional mechanics. The article focuses on explaining how body shops mainly handle aesthetic repairs and bodywork while mechanics handle common repairs and maintenance. The article was designed to help illustrate the main differences between body shops and auto mechanics, settling the common confusion between the two.

Rob's Customs & Restorations offers very helpful information to the audience that can save car owners time and money when figuring out what type of work needs to be done next on their vehicle. In the article, the team at Rob's Customs & Restorations goes over what mechanics are, and what they do. The article also covers the services a body shop provides and the role a shop plays. Rob's Customs & Restorations derives this information from a job description, and helps to clear the confusion between body shops and mechanics.They explain why you would pick a body shop over a mechanic in the hopes of helping potential customers understand what services they offer.

The article focuses on distinguishing body shops such as Rob's Customs & Restorations from common mechanics, who provide a different service to car owners. The team at Rob's Customs & Restorations offers a variety of body and restoration services for cars that can help turn any aged, old car into a completely refurbished and sleek new car. Their restoration services are available for cars and trucks. This includes antique, classic, muscle and vintage vehicles. The experienced professionals at Rob's Customs & Restorations take deep pride in restoring your favorite old cars into your perfect vision of the vehicle. When thinking about restoring any type of car or truck, make sure to take Rob's Customs & Restorations along for the ride.

Rob's Customs & Restorations specializes in treating each new client with respect while helping keep them involved in every step of the restoration process. With this new article, they hope clients will better understand what services they offer and why mechanics are a completely different service. For more information, contact Rob's Customs today at 703-552-5001 or visit their website at https://robscustoms.com/. Their offices are located at 9128 Euclid Ct in Manassas, Virginia.


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