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DC Addiction Recovery Clinic Discusses Functioning AlcoholicsFeatured PR

Aquila Recovery Clinic, a Washington, DC addiction recovery clinic, has recently released a new article that discusses the topic of functioning alcoholics.
Washington, DC, United States (pr4links.com) 09/11/2020
Aquila Recovery Clinic, a Washington, DC addiction recovery clinic, has recently released a new educational resource that discusses what a functioning alcoholic is and the dangers associated with this type of drinking habit. The new article can be found on the clinic's website. This new article is guided by the expert treatment providers at Aquila who have experience dealing with all types of alcoholics and understand deeply what habits lead to alcoholism. They hope this new article will help readers understand what habits functioning alcoholics display as well as how to help loved ones who may be afflicted with this condition.

Aquila Recovery Clinic offers some valuable information for readers who want to get a better understanding of what functioning alcoholics are and how this condition is treated in their clinic. In the article, they explain how to tell if someone is a functioning alcoholic, the dangers associated with this type of lifestyle, how alcohol prevents functioning and good health, and also how to help loved ones accept and deal with this condition. The team at Aquila believes in providing addiction recovery plans that focus on utilizing a medical approach along with personalized wellness plans.

While this new article focuses on functioning alcoholics, Aquila Recovery's website also provides information regarding their team, mission, approach to treatment, as well as a full list of treatment options available. Aquila Recovery offers family programs and outpatient programs that utilize proven treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual therapy, integrated therapy, and also trauma-informed care. Their process focuses on taking a personalized approach to each patient while ensuring medically-informed and proven effective methodologies.

With the addition of this new article, Aquila Recovery hopes that readers will have a more solid understanding of what the term "functioning alcoholic" means and the importance of seeking treatment if you or a loved one are trapped in this damaging lifestyle. For more information, contact Aquila Recovery Clinic today at 202-618-9125 or visit their website at https://www.aquilarecovery.com. Their clinic is located at 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 307 in Washington, DC 20016.


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Aquila Recovery hopes that this new article will give patients seeking help a better idea of what to expect from the program while explaining how important the personalized approach and treatment/life balance is handled.


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