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Northern Virginia-based custom auto body shop Robs Customs & Restorations lists different types of top custom truck beds
Manassas, Virginia, United States (pr4links.com) 17/01/2021
Robs Customs & Restorations, a Northern Virginia custom auto body shop, recently listed and described the top ten custom truck beds. The post lists beds fit for Dodge and Ford trucks, among others, and explains how each one can be built to meet customers' unique needs. Custom truck beds and all corresponding equipment includes sizing, storage, headboards, hoists and more. There is also often the option to choose between fold-down and stationary sides. The former type of flatbed lets customers reach materials from either side of the truck while loading and unloading and helps ensure everything remains tightly secured during travel.

Truck beds can also be made of aluminum (lighter weight, easier to maintain and more durable) or steel. The post also notes that truck owners should be wary of letting people or dogs ride in truck beds, as statistics have shown a high number of injuries (especially head injuries) occur as a result of this practice.

Speak to the experienced professionals at Robs to learn what type of custom truck bed is the best fit for you. Robs has experience working with nearly all different types of trucks (antique, vintage, classic) and their workers will strive to ensure every aspect of your truck is treated with the utmost care and attention, as they believe custom truck work is an art form. Robs offers personalized truck restoration like no other body shop in Northern Virginia or elsewhere. From minor repairs (frame and rust) to full body replacements, Robs is here to help return your truck to its initial state without ruining its historical significance.

For classic trucks, Robs can repair dashboards and glove boxes, and also provides fabric and leather seat restoration. Regarding vintage trucks, their professionals can get rid of wear and tear by disassembling parts and replacing them with newer truck parts. They can also perform a total truck alignment and offer custom paint jobs so you can show off your new truck to your friends and family. Call Robs today at (703) 552-5001 or contact them online at https://robscustoms.com/ for more information about their services or to receive a free estimate. Robs Customs & Restorations is located at 9128 Euclid Ct, Manassas, Virginia 20110.


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