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Orases Selected As A Top PWA Developer For 2021 By TopDevelopersFeatured PR

Orases, a Frederick, MD custom software development company, was recently selected to TopDevelopers’ list.
Frederick, Maryland, United States (pr4links.com) 08/01/2022
Frederick, MD custom software development company Orases was recently announced as one of the top progressive web app development companies for 2021 by TopDevelopers. The award is presented by TopDevelopers every year, and they rank the top companies based on their performance and contribution to PWAs and the custom software industry. Orases was ranked by TopDevelopers as #15 on the list of 1,018 organizations for their outstanding progressive web app development services and dedication to client satisfaction. Orases was also ranked the highest among organizations with less than fifty employees that were chosen for the top PWA development companies award.

TopDevelopers selected Orases as the 15th best PWA development company due to the organization's ability to develop premier progressive web applications. Orases has an extensive history of providing PWA development services since its founding in 2000 and continues to be an innovator in the industry, delivering applications for organizations across several industries. The progressive web applications built by Orases feature responsive design across all technology platforms and enhanced, geolocational content delivery capabilities for users around the world. Only companies that have demonstrated significant growth and contribution to PWA development are chosen among the list of top developers selected by TopDevelopers — Orases earned a spot in the top 15 after making an impact for several organizations in 2021.

Orases' selection to the list of top progressive web app development companies adds to their growing list of awards received from TopDevelopers. The organization was also presented with a spot on the list of top PWA developers in May 2021, which was updated in December to account for all of 2021. Orases also received regional and national awards in 2021 from several other companies, such as Clutch, Inc., Digital.com and Forbes, among many others. Orases continues to provide substantial contributions to the custom software industry and is eligible for future awards presented by TopDevelopers in the field.

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About Orases

Orases is a full-service, digital technology agency based in Frederick, Maryland. Founded in 2000, Orases has become a trusted provider of custom software, website and mobile application development services and solutions that drive efficiency and provide measurable cost savings and revenue gains to their client partners. Orases can be contacted by phone at (301) 756-5527 or by visiting their website at https://orases.com/. Their offices are headquartered at 5728 Industry Lane in Frederick, MD 21704.


About Orases

We at Orases are a hard-working, dependable team. Our expert and informed employees strive to provide the best software solution for our clients. We base our services on industry knowledge, and unique perspective for each individual project. Working with Orases can open doors, and prevent any problems with technology you may have.


Nick Damoulakis
5728 Industry Lane
Zipcode : 21704