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PavaSiwo has launched the first crisis-resistant forex copy trading strategyFeatured PR

PavaSiwo back with revolutionary news in the forex copy trading sector
Kington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 08/06/2022
PavaSiwo launched its first forex trading robot back in the autumn of 202,1 and quickly made a name for itself. After a long programming time and high development costs, PavaSiwo developers Jeroen Smid and Jörns Bühner had developed the most cost-effective and reliable Forex EA software, especially for beginners. In only a very short time, PavaSiwo was able to sell several hundred PavaSiwo EA software packages and many users were able to quickly achieve a double-digit percentage monthly profit.


However, due to global developments involving very high inflation and the war in Ukraine, there were increased, sometimes unnatural price fluctuations in the markets, combined with undesirable long positions and high floating. The two PavaSiwo developers Smid and Bühner reacted quickly and adapted the forex bot to these volatile and turbulent times. The result is another milestone in the Forex Copy Trading market.

Because in times of crisis like today, Forex trading has become even more difficult. The aim of PavaSiwo developers Jeroen Smid and Jörns Bühner is to make their many years of forex trading experience available to all those interested in forex, so that they can achieve monthly profits as consistently as possible and above all in the long term.

PavaSiwo currently offers two TOP Copy Trading options.

PavaSiwo Premium Copy Trading, with a RoboForex ECN account, with minimised risk but with higher chances of profit. The goal with PavaSiwo Premium is 6% to 10% profit per month. The most important thing is that it is not about quick, short-term profits, but about safe, lasting profits over as long a period as possible! PavaSiwo Premium Copy Trading is available from as little as USD 5,000!

The second option is PavaSiwo LowRisk Copy Trading, with a RoboForex ProCent account, for absolutely minimal risk and at the same time very good chances of profit. The target for PavaSiwo LowRisk is 3% to 6% profit per month in the long term. PavaSiwo LowRisk Copy Trading is possible from as little as USD 2,000.

We asked one of the two PavaSiwo developers, Jörns Bühner:

Why should people do Forex Copy Trading with PavaSiwo?

"In short; because we have the first truly crisis-resistant and at the same time strongly profit-oriented Forex EA. Furthermore, we monitor our bots on a daily basis. There is hardly anything comparable on the market. With our PavaSiwo Bots Premium and Lowrisk, we offer the best opportunities for copy trading beginners and professionals alike.

Anyone who expects 25% or more per month in forex trading is wrong with us. Because such profits are of course feasible, but never over a long period of time. Our intention is to provide long term forex copy trading with great downside protection and more consistent profits every month. We are absolutely certain that our strategy will continue to delight clients for many years to come."

If you would like to learn more about PavaSiwo's crisis resistant copy trading, here is all the additional information https://pavasiwo.com/

In Forex trading, it is important to remember that there is always a risk of loss.

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