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2023: How to get on point, on form and on fire.Featured PR

There are 3 types of people online. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen (lurkers) and those who wonder what happened. Claim a FREE book to help you create and live your vision as a h@ppeneur® and to achieve your goals in 2023
Buckie, Moray, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 03/01/2023
Fraser Hay, business coach, h@ppeneur® and author of 22 books on Amazon, is the founder of Itstacksup.com, an online resource helping individuals and entrepreneurs to create and live their vision.

In his inspirational TEDx Talk, "From Human Being to Human Becoming", Coach and author, Fraser Hay shares a powerful and practical 3 step process to face and overcome difficult challenges and decisions. Get help to embrace stress, struggle or limitation, to prevent yourself from stagnating and to become what you choose next to achieve in 2023 and beyond.

When asked about his inspirational TEDx Talk, "Many people are struggling in the current economic climate to embrace their own personal and commercial challenges in addition to rising living costs, interest rates and inflation. My vision is to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to identify what's holding them back and preventing the results they want. I offer practical solutions to help prevent them from stagnating to become what they choose next on their journey and, to create and live their vision for their life, career or business" replied Fraser Hay, the founder of www. itstacksup.com.

Hay has spent the last 20 years making and embracing many hard, and difficult decisions and he has documented over two thousand entrepreneurial issues, challenges and obstacles on his own entrepreneurial journey. He shares examples, case studies and solutions on his TEDx talk and in his books on Amazon, his keynotes on 4 continents, and unique coaching offerings available on his website.

"The Covid-19 Pandemic and global economic uncertainty of the last 3 years have caused many businesses to close their door and created a new breed of entrepreneur wanting to work from home: h@ppeneur ® n. someone who plans, documents, executes & automates their marketing online to start, grow a business and to achieve their personal goals and objectives." commented Hay.


No matter what you want to become in 2023, Hay believes he can help and offers a FREE book "The art of becoming a h@ppeneur®" to help you adopt the right mindset for the year ahead said the spokesperson of Itstacksup.com.

Hay believes that the meaning of life is to discover your gift and that the purpose of life is to share it. However, many people need four things:

1. To adopt the right MINDSET to embrace current and future challenges

2. Document their own STRATEGY to give themselves a practical plan of action

3. EXECUTE their plan, measure their progress daily and share their progress

4. AUTOMATE processes where possible to reduce stress and make life easier

In starting with step 1, Fraser is offering his book "The art of becoming a h@ppeneur®" for FREE to help individuals get 2023 off to a flying start and offers additional help, guidance and support on his website to help you maintain momentum and achieve your goals.

You can download "The art of becoming a h@ppeneur®" for FREE.

About Itstacksup.com:

Founded by Fraser Hay, It Stacks Up.com is an online resource that helps individuals and entrepreneurs to identify, pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial goals and objectives in order to create and live their vision. Visit https://www.itstacksup.com for more information.

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Fraser Hay is founder of It Stacks Up is a h@ppeneur®, author of “20+ Books on Amazon” and a “Motivational Keynote Speaker” who has spoken professionally on 3 contintents . An Author of 21 books on amazon, and has documented over 2000 entrepreneurial challenges and solutions to help individuals define their processes and workflows. Can we help you? Maybe. Maybe not. But, there’s a quick way to find out and it’s FREE. Get in touch for a FREE Strategy Call.


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