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    Clipping Path India Takes the Initiative for Killing the HB Virus and Spreading Awareness

    Bangladesh’s fight against the killer HB virus is now being tackled at a corporate level. Dhaka-based photo editing company, Clipping Path India has treated its 100 odd employees to HB vaccination. The initiative propels the awareness to the educated class of serviced employees through mass immunization to mitigate occurrence of medical conditions related to Hepatitis B.

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    Clipping Path India - Expanding Offshore Operations

    Whether it is dark coffee beans roasted to perfection or a milky latte that attracts attention, an expert coffee maker can concoct any version successfully. His professionalism and coffee aroma brings customers from different shores- Much like that brews with Clipping Path India a photo imaging company that has expanded its operations offshore.

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    Why Fashion Photography Needs Cosmetic Surgery of Clipping Path India?

    There is a difference between the ‘Morning Cuppa Coffee’ that one drinks without looking and the ‘designer chocolate cappuccino’ from the neighborhood café. The later is well designed and is outsourced. It is admired for its chic look.

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