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    Intriguing Shower: Water Temperature Color Changing Sink Faucet LED Light

    Sensitive to water temperature, LED turns green when under 25°C, turns blue when between 25°C - 35°C, turns red when between 35°C - 45°C and flashes when higher than 45°C

    By : | 08-31-2016 | Trade:Trade | Total Views : 1090

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    Special Travel Deals and Reykjavik City Breaks with Iceland Total

    Now that the online tourism campaign Inspired by Iceland is well under way, and the Eyjafjallajokull volcano activity steadying, tour operators in Iceland are doing their best to offer special travel deals to meet the increased interest in the country.

    By : | 09-18-2010 | Trade:Trade | Total Views : 1478

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    Rental Power Of The Paris Boats

    The rental Paris boat, Rental Paris barge and rental house boat are some of the luxuries that the city of Paris offers to the visitors that flock in large numbers to this city of Romance.

    By : | 03-07-2011 | Trade:Trade | Total Views : 1277

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    Searching For A Rental Barge

    Getting a rental house boat, a Rental Paris barge or a paris en bateaux may be a difficult but not an impossible task.

    By : | 02-16-2011 | Trade:Trade | Total Views : 1280