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    Pharmacy2U Announce Increase in Sale Of Insect Repellents

    Pharmacy2U, the UK's largest internet and mail order pharmacy, have announced a significant increase in sales of insect repellents, which they believe is due in part to an invasion in the number of wasps in the UK in recent months.

    By : | 08-26-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1521

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    Key information about Mesothelioma Settlement

    Mesothelioma is cancer of the pleura. Pleura is a membrane which covers the outer membrane of the lungs and lines the surface of the chest.

    By : | 08-25-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 986

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    Bio-Synthesis Awarded NIH Grant to Develop Synergistic Adjuvants that Stimulate both Innate and Adap

    It specializes in constructing bio-conjugates including but not limited to peptides, DNA, RNA, small drugs and other compounds. It has one of the largest peptide synthesis facilities in the USA and can handle small and large volume projects.

    By : | 07-14-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1219

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    Dental Check-up Camp in Shambhu

    Chandigarh, June 29, 2010 - Lack of hygiene and awareness plagues the dental health of rural people of Punjab. Quoting a study conducted by Surya Dental Care Centre in villages of Rajpura, Dr B S Sohi, Campus Director of Surya World, said this while addressing villagers at a free dental camp in Shambhu village Friday. Nearly 135 villagers were examined during the camp. In the study by dental surgeons Dr Neha and Dr Sakshi, it has been highlighted it has been highlighted.

    By : | 06-29-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1310

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    Law Firm Of Leading Bronx Medical Malpractice Attorney Offers Free Consultation

    PersonalInjuryLawNewYork.com, the law firm of Daniel A. Kalish, is offering the services of a leading Bronx medical malpractice attorney free. Client pays only when damages are claimed successfully.

    By : | 09-19-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1068

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    Webinar presenting "Preventing Costly Out-of-Specification Investigations"

    METTLER TOLEDO today announced an upcoming webinar with special guest presenter Dr. Charles Ray, former Associate Director of Analytical R&D at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. This webinar will show how improving the efficiency and reliability of the sample preparation process with automation can address up to 50% of the causes of Out-of-Specifcation (OOS) results. The Webinar will be hosted on September 20, 2011 at 11:00 EST (15:00 GMT) by Pharmaceutical Technology.

    By : | 09-17-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1122

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    New RAININ LiteTouch Microcentriguge Tube Reduces Contamination Risk, Increases Speed

    Adding to an extensive array of products that help life scientists reach research goals with greater ease, RAININ presents the easy-open Lite Touch microcentrifuge tube. This latest entry in RAININ’s line of ergonomic lab tools features a unique one-handed open-and-close. Ideal for academic, government, clinical and biotech genomics and proteomics research, LiteTouch tubes speed experiment workflows while reducing sample cross-contamination risk.

    By : | 08-20-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1116

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    Noor Pharmaceuticals Launches New Line of Halal Vitamins just in time for Ramadan 2011

    Taking multivitamins is recommended to maintain general health, especially during long periods of fasts, such as the month of Ramadan. For the first time, Muslims can enjoy scientifically formulated Halal Vitamins thanks to NoorVitamins at www.NoorVitamins.com

    By : | 08-03-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1250

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    Look Young with Hair Replacement Surgery

    New Look MD Surgical Hair Replacement is famous for its medical breakthrough in hair transplant surgery. They consistently achieve amazing results by using a modern hair transplant technique.

    By : | 07-06-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 975

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    Unique Tonometer DIATON Presented at Optometry’s Meeting AOA/AOSA to 1000’s of Optometrists.

    The only non-corneal and non-contact tonometer Diaton now enables optometrists and other healthcare professionals who provide primary vision care to test intraocular pressure (IOP) for glaucoma Through the EYELID. Quick and painless, handheld Diaton pen-like tonometer readings are not affected by contact lenses or other corneal properties.

    By : | 07-04-2011 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1169