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Maybach Manufaktur presents Maybach Landaulet

The legend of the past century majestic open-top automobiles has been re-invigorated by Maybach with the exclusive Maybach Landaulet, a superlative vehicle based on the chauffeurdriven Maybach 62 S.
Rovigo, Veneto, Italy (pr4links.com) 02/05/2011

maybach manufakturMay 2nd 2011 – The 2010 facelift that concerned all Maybach models added to the vintage fashion of the Maybach Landaulet a more contemporary feeling, thanks to the reduced fuel consumption and emissions, in respect of the EU 5 standard, nevertheless maintaining unchanged its stunning style and performance.

This incomparable model, actually unique among the luxury vehicles segment, offers a pleasant open-air experience to the privileged passengers in the rear. In fact, the roof can be opened fully by the chauffeur in a few seconds, through a switch in the centre console that activates the electrohydraulically system, while the separated chauffeur's compartment remains closed.

The Maybach Landaulet has been developed on the base of the Maybach 62 S model. Maybach engineers have removed the rear roof module from the world's most powerful series-produced chauffeured saloon, leaving the side walls that have merely been reinforced with an integral tubular steel structure not visible to the eyes, thus preserving the timeless aesthetic quality of the vehicle.

The Maybach Landaulet, with its advanced engineering, utmost comfort and luxurious space offers almost all the optional features available on the other Maybach models, with refined technologies and precious materials that are a feast for the senses. Fancy a movie under the stars with no crowd around? Then you can choose the optional 19” cinema screen and absolutely enjoy your time.

True to the creed of the German marque, Maybach’s customers have the possibility to personalize the vehicle depending on their choice. As an instance, the electrotransparent partition that separates the chauffeur from the rear compartment can be refined with an original design element of customer’s choice. The superbly crafted, comfortable reclining seats made of the finest leather with massage function lavishly welcome passengers in the rear, in an atmosphere of absolute well-being enriched by precious materials, convenient stowage compartments and the ultimate entertainment technologies available on board. The Maybach Landaulet: an incomparable car with a sophisticated and distinguished style, created for true connoisseurs.



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