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    Fleetsmart's Fleet Tracking Software Now Utilises Google Street View

    Fleetsmart, leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, reveal that their recently-enhanced fleet monitoring software now makes use of Google Street View's specific mapping and tracking capabilities.

    By : | 10-08-2010 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 939

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    Fleetsmart Implement Push Technology in Fleet Tracking Software

    Fleetsmart, leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, have now incorporated GPS data management 'Push Technology' into their fleet tracking software.

    By : | 09-08-2010 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 1107

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    Get highest price for your vehicle through assessments

    Woitila.net, Tokyo is leading site which are specialist in vehicle assessments in Japan. They provide used vehicle assessment requirements and ensure full disclosure and improved consumer protection. This assessment procedure gives dealers more options for the sales of used vehicles. This site strives to serve the collective interest of all its members and also promotes a positive relationship with all dealers and customers. They always focus to provide needed and effective programs and services

    By : | 08-25-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 902

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    Windsor Dealers Offers Service and Health Check on any Makes or Model of Car Starts from only €139

    Swords Co, Dublin, Ireland – May 16, 2011. Windsor Motors offers service and health check on all makes or model of cars from only €139. One can book on service from Monday to Thursday, from 8.30am to 5.00pm and on Friday, between 8.30am to 4.00pm.

    By : | 06-29-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 1032

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    Maybach Manufaktur presents Maybach Landaulet

    The legend of the past century majestic open-top automobiles has been re-invigorated by Maybach with the exclusive Maybach Landaulet, a superlative vehicle based on the chauffeurdriven Maybach 62 S.

    By : | 05-02-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 781

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    Why Do People Prefer To Purchase New Cars Over Used Cars?

    People buy new cars for many reasons, there are few people who buy them just for status while other are really in need. But buying new cars have many advantages over used cars like they come with great incentives, no maintenance cost, warranties, no faults etc.

    By : | 03-31-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 969

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    5 Important Tips To Obtain The Best New Car Discounts

    New car discounts may not be hard to get if you have proper information regarding these prior to shopping your new vehicle. Here are few vital tips related to the same which might guide you in your effort to secure the best deal on your new car purchase.

    By : | 03-25-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 992

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    Contact Online Lenders For Purchasing New Cars

    Car buying process is lengthy and sometimes very annoying but one can make it easy and simple. One can get car loans from online companies which have faster process as compared to other traditional companies. One can negotiate for the best car price and incentives and earn profit

    By : | 03-21-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 991

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    Maybach Guard. A high level of protection encapsulated in luxurious curves

    Based on the Maybach 62, the armoured Maybach Guard offers similar performance and possibilities of customization available on the other Maybach saloons.

    By : | 03-01-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 1021

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    More than half of Britain’s drivers have had sex in a car

    It’s an unusual way to burn off the Christmas turkey, but 54% of us admit to having had sex in a car, according to research* by Autoquake.com, the UK’s leading online car supermarket.

    By : | 01-24-2011 | Automotive:Classic Autos | Total Views : 843