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SBS Consulting Is Gearing Up To Accept New Challenges in Company Secretarial ServicesPremium PR

SBS Consulting, by employing global service standards is ready to meet increasing demands of modern businesses. With a fresh approach and flexible support, sbsgroup.com.sg is all set to accept fresh challenges in Singapore Company Secretarial Services.
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore (pr4links.com) 13/11/2014

"Innovative approach coupled with years of professional experience, allows SBS Consulting to balance complex corporate compliance and strict statutory obligations while offering Corporate Secretarial Services."

Ms. Meena, business head of SBS Consulting while elaborating the role of a company secretary said, “Company Secretaries have to fulfill multitudinous responsibilities related to the board, the company and shareholders. Therefore, at times, it becomes harder for them to accomplish complex tasks, when the legislative and regulatory environment is constantly changing”. This statement she made is in context with the recent changes brought about by the Singaporean government, in the laws pertaining to Immigration and Passes as well as the Employment Act.

Standing away from the crowd, SBS Consulting while offering exceptional company secretarial services in Singapore, ensures that these services can be customized to suit specific needs of their clients. With ongoing changes in Singapore corporate and legal entities, implementing strict internal controls, in order to ensure effective compliance of legal matters on a global basis has become the unprecedented need of companies.

Convening, holding and drafting almost all the minutes of Boards of Directors and Annual General Meetings of shareholders, approval of annual accounting report, conducting appointments with the auditors and routinely concurring corporate compliance matters are few basic tasks handled by SBS company secretaries. Additionally, assessing current compliance status, conducting statutory check reports and indulging in special events as per company requirements, has always been a specialty of SBS Consulting.

“When we offer company secretarial services to our clients, we incorporate a specially designed methodological and streamlined process which helps us to reduce our efforts and increase overall productivity. Additionally, with the use of top notch automated software that covers governance, compliance and entity management, managing our day-to-day task, but by mitigating associated risks is what we achieve at the end,” said Ms. Meena, to emphasize the competency of SBS Consulting.

One of the veteran CS professional in SBS consulting said “We have a team of in-house professionals, monitoring our performance as an individual and to gather feedback from our clients; in addition to that, this team also ensures that we are always following relevant international standards and the latest legal framework.”

Multiple corporate governing authorities in Singapore are changing their legal framework at a faster pace, thereby, forcing companies to hit a moving target in terms of compliance and statutory obligations. When asked about this the SBS business head replied, “In these situations, we are depending on collaborative approaches; in fact, it has worked for us due to our in-house team keeping our professionals offering Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore abreast on all the happenings and changes taking place around their field of service provision.”

“SBS consulting offers Corporate Secretarial services as a stand-alone service that is strategically combined with other Incorporation, Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Taxation, HR and Payroll services,” said Ms. Meena, the business head of the SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

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SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is offering various services for entrepreneurs and professionals interested to incorporate their business in Singapore. In addition to that, they also provide Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Bookkeeping as well as HR and Payroll services. Those who are interested to hire affordable corporate secretarial services in Singapore can contact SBS Consulting from anywhere in the world.


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