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    Cover 4 Fleet Insurance Launch Safety Checklist For H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign

    The UK fleet insurance company, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, continue to raise safety awareness, by launching a simple safety checklist as part of their H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign.

    By : | 02-26-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 600

  • 730 launches the first product comparison and service quotation request website

    The new one-stop website offers a place to answer the needs of a growing population of French expatriates, estimated at 2.5 million people. The Internet portal helps users save time and money by comparing a wide range of products and services in four key channels: Housing, Insurance, Finance and Relocation.

    By : | 02-18-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 730

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    Steve Slepcevic: Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc.

    Steve Slepcevic, founder of Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc. is serving as its president and chief executive officer. He has made Paramount a recognized union in the field of disaster emergency and in the field of construction.

    By : | 02-17-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 543

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    Choose the Right Medicare with Medicare Genie

    Nationwide insurance company mynewmedicare is come up with a new tool called medicare genie to help consumers choose the right medicare supplement policy.

    By : | 02-15-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 834

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    Affordable Life insurance is an investment in your family’s future…

    Everyone knows the importance of getting affordable life insurance, but very few people want to think about it. At, people can compare the cost of life insurance from a variety of companies, easily and painlessly at home.

    By : | 02-09-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 551

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    Fleet Insurance Company Launches H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign

    Due to concern for their customers and all UK drivers, the UK fleet insurance company, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, has launched the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign, on 2nd February 2011.

    By : | 02-03-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 622

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    Receive A Quote For Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance provides the much needed financial help if the worst situation arises in the matters of health.

    By : | 01-21-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 539

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    Fleet Insurance Experts Voice Concern About VAT Rising To 20 Per Cent

    Experts in the fleet insurance industry have voiced their concern about the VAT rise of 2.5% of 4th January 2011, bringing it up to a total of 20%. Coupled with the fuel duty rise of 1st January, this cost may be too much for some fleet operators.

    By : | 01-20-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 554

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    How the New Health Insurance Law Will Impact the Citizens of South Carolina

    Dave Forbes of the Forbes Insurance Agency explains exactly how the new health care law effects the citizens of South Carolina.

    By : | 01-17-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 543

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    SBI Life Insurance extends its products range

    Mumbai, December 11, 2010 - Beefing up its existing product range further, SBI Life has launched a series of products that include low premium traditional plan – Saral Life, Child ULIP - Smart Scholar and HNI-targeted – Smart Elite. Addressing the needs of multiple customer segments, product range is designed keeping in mind life stage needs and varied risk profiles. Mr. M. N Rao, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance said ‘ The new range further enables to serve customers from diverse profiles.

    By : | 01-14-2011 | Insurance:Insurance | Total Views : 864