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  • 1876

    Sleeves for Pinch Valves and High Performance

    Details of the different types of rubber material available for use inside industrial pinch valves, including design, application uses and construction.

    By : | 09-06-2011 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1876

  • 1654

    Slurry Pinch Valves and Materials in Industry

    Details of industrial pinch valves operated by air, including applications, uses, construction and design.

    By : | 07-14-2011 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1654

  • 1645

    South African Industry to Benefit from Plant Reliability and Energy Saving Seminar.

    Government enforced energy efficiency savings will have a huge impact on industry. This is not something that South African industry can afford to ignore. This two day seminar will teach advanced techniques to plant owners.

    By : | 10-07-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1645

  • 1642

    Love Glass your home with LoveGlassUK.com

    Love Glass is growing its expansion of coloured glass wall coverings across the UK, with its fantastically dedicated website as well as its low cost prices for a wide range of products to kit out your home.

    By : | 09-27-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1642

  • 1529

    Lucky Group Participates In Recycling

    Lucky Group is one the metals recycling companies in Dubai which tries to reduce wastage of useful metals

    By : | 08-31-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1529

  • 1534

    People In Dubai Give Importance To Recycling

    Along with people various companies also participate in recycling activities to reduce the level of wastage.

    By : | 08-27-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1534

  • 1754

    Da Bruno Italian Marbella Restaurant Group Collaborate In The First Youth Football Campus

    Da Bruno Italian Marbella Restaurant Group is collaborating in the very first Youth Football Campus in Marbella. The campus will have over 50 participants, aged between 6 and 15 years old, and it will be held in the Marbella Municipal Stadium.

    By : | 08-17-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1754

  • 1519

    Carpet tiles for your office with Paragon Carpets

    If you are looking to purchase carpet tiles for your office then speak to Paragon Carpets, a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of commercial carpet tiles and broadloom.

    By : | 08-05-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1519

  • 1867

    Evapo-Rust – Revolutionary Rust Remover

    Evapo-rust is water based non toxic liquid that removes rust from ferrous metals without producing any toxic fumes or any such odor. This product makes the rust removal task easy that an ordinary layman as well as the professionals can use for their commercial jobs without any difficulty.

    By : | 07-25-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1867

  • 1635

    Aluminum Available At Reasonable Prices

    Manufacturers are glad to receive quality aluminum at affordable prices

    By : | 07-23-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 1635