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Press Releases in Monday, September 6, 2010

  • 815

    Credit Card Rates Could Be Set To Rise Following Record Write-Offs

    Credit card rates are slated to go up as the banks plan to recover the losses they are making writing off the credit card debts. This will come as a relief for many with huge debts while current card holders will have to bear additional interest rates.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 815

  • 676

    Loan Protection: HSBC Threatens To Leave UK

    HSBC has threatened to pull out of London if the Liberal Democrats have their way of separating the retail banking from high risk investment banking. The banking giant is seriously concerned about this decision.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 676

  • 727

    Projector Screens for home and offices

    Projector Screens are great additions to your home and offices and can enhance the visual experience.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 727

  • 951

    Iceland Total Special Travel Deals Increase

    Now that the volcanic activity at Eyjafjallajokull seems to be steadying and the global tourism campaign, Inspired By Iceland is well on track, tour operators in Iceland are doing their best to meet the increased traveller interest for the country.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Travel:Travel | Total Views : 951

  • 777

    Put a wholesome, fresh taste into your carbonated water with Aromhuset's Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is one of around 20 flavours for carbonated water from Aromhuset. The taste both fresh and exhilarating compared to traditional flavours

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 777

  • 770

    Innermost Secrets Launch Fetal Fibronectin Test In The UK

    Innermost Secrets, a leading fertility clinic, launch their Preterm Birth Screening Service which can help predict the risk of preterm delivery and late miscarriage.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Health and Fitness:Healthcare | Total Views : 770

  • 5972

    Berlin City Tours launches interactive Berlin maps

    It is finally here! Berlin City Tours launches Walk this Way Berlin maps. These interactive maps of Berlin were put together by Boris Coronado, a half German, half Peruvian New Yorker-turned-Berliner who has been living in the capital of Germany for over a decade.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Travel:Travel | Total Views : 5972

  • 804

    Safeway Is The First Online Food Handler

    People opt for Safeway because it has experience in restaurant management industry.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Education:Education | Total Views : 804

  • 752

    Dry Carpet Cleaning – Favor the Environment with Green Carpet Cleaning Techniques

    Unlike the carpet wet cleaning techniques, dry carpet cleaning method is a proficient carpet cleaning process that ensures eco-friendly cleaning technology and not attract dust or cause re-soiling of your carpets for a substantial amount of time.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Home and Family:Landscaping And Gardening | Total Views : 752

  • 1127

    I2k2 Offers The Best Option For a Dedicated Email Server

    i2k2 networks provide a complete solution for your organization’s internet queries and requirements in the form of dedicated servers that includes web hosting server, incoming and outgoing emails, databases, inter-office communications and storage. All of these features is also accompanied with excellent monitoring and 24x7 support by their reliable and efficient team.

    By : | 09-06-2010 | Technology:Internet | Total Views : 1127